Environmental, Landscape, Scenic Nude Composite

Fine Art & Decor Photography


Nudes In Landscapes

Painters and photographers have combined nudes and scenics since both existed. My work differs, though, in the relationships of the elements of the image - in most images the nudes are intended as AN element of a scene, not the MAIN element. They add perspective to a landscape, and an additional stroke of beauty. Overall, the image remains a scenic photograph - not another nude-in-nature, but a unique nature-with-nude.

This genre also differs from traditional nude-in-nature posing. My nude is pictured doing normal activities anyone might do in nature - peering over the edge of a rock ledge, kneeling to examine a plant, turning over a seashore rock, shouting into a canyon to hear an echo, leaping with joy at the scene she’s just come upon, reclining on a rock ledge to take in the view, lying in the grass looking out to sea from atop ragged cliffs, meditating peacefully on a hillside.


Digital compositing involves combining multiple artistic elements to create a symbiotic meld, more substantive than just the sum of those individual elements.

Why composite? Logistics, logistics, logistics. Any location shoot can be complicated, time-intensive, weather dependent, and expensive. Add a beautiful nude and additional issues like park authorities, other hikers, etc. just compound. And most of my scenic components originate in national parks and monuments - because that’s where nature located much of America’s natural beauty.  

The Process

I collaborate with my models in-studio to establish a joint vision for the poses they create for established or anticipated scenes. We’ll view an existing scenic or visualize an anticipated one, then imagine activities that someone might engage in within that scene. We then light and shoot as many poses in as much variety as we imagined. 


According to Wikipedia, “A photographer… is a person who takes photographs.” Conversely, an artisan “is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand…” and “...may through experience and aptitude reach the expressive levels of an artist.”

I do photography and digital image manipulation as a means of creative expression, as a motivation to get immersed in nature, as a challenge to continuously learn and experiment making artistically pleasing images.

I intend this work to bring back-country scenes to those who would otherwise never experience that beauty, and even commonly photographed scenes to those around the world unable to visit those American treasures, with the perspective and additional beauty provided by a complimenting nude physique.


This work is intended as fine art creative imagery, with the final work of art the result of digital photograph pixel manipulation. With no pretense of photojournalistic accuracy, environmental nude compositing is digital art.

San Diego, California US